Rough Cut Lumber

Ponderosa pine boards 2×6 to 2×12 rough as well as rough 1-1/2″ thickness.  1×6 through 1×12 rough boards – barn grade.  Furniture and interior finish boards available.



Inland red doug fir furniture planks.


2×6, 2×8, 2×10, doug fir, ponderosa pine furniture lumber mix.

Kiln Dry Rough 1x: 1x8, 1x10, 1x12

We stock Shop Grades that work well for Santa Fe style ceilings.  These boards are attractive and economical for floors as well.  They are great for porch ceilings that are exposed underneath too.

We custom mill these timbers into 1×12 boards as well as other lumber sizes with our Wood Mizer sawmill. By remanufacturing timbers from a larger more complete sawmill facility we can concentrate on producting the lumber you need for Santa Fe style construction without the expensive machinery and need to deal with huge volumes of wood by-products.

We can produce much better suited lumber with our process.

Delivery available in Northern and Central Arizona - please call!

Delivery available in Northern and Central Arizona – please call!

Our Woodmizer Saw

Our Woodmizer Saw

The Woodmizer Saw - Board's Eye View

The Woodmizer Saw – Board’s Eye View

Dunnage 2x4x8 Rough for Pallets

Dunnage 2x4x8 Rough for Pallets

Furniture Slabs up to 25" wide

Furniture Slabs up to 25″ wide


38 inch wide ponderosa slab

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